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Student Fellowships Now Open for Public Works Dallas 2019

The production for 2019 is “As You Like It” and positions are open for students to get involved and paid! Check out the positions below.   Public Works Dallas is a groundbreaking community engagement and participatory theater project designed to...

The Most Anticipated Events for SMU’s Ignite/Arts Dallas in 2018

Events By Diamond Victoria For the past two years, Ignite/Arts Dallas director Clyde Valentín has provided Meadows students of all disciplines with important experiences through collaborations with local and visiting artists and arts organizations in North Texas. His...

DJ Spooky To Remix One of the Most Reviled Films of All Time at the Texas Theatre

Events   “Trip-hop” musician DJ Spooky used his 21st-century DJ techniques to remix the classic 1915 film Birth of a Nation, upending every aspect of the controversial and racist film. The result is a new cinematic statement that propels the audience into a...

“The arts don’t belong only in the classroom or studio – artists need to engage with their communities to remain vital,”

– Clyde Valentin, Director