Meet Adri

Adrienn Santa ’18

Senior Design Team Leader

  • Mechanical Engineering & Mathematics Major
  • Engaged Learning Fellow 2017-2018
  • Lyle Research Fellow 2017 Summer
  • Full Athletic Scholarhip
  • Athletic Director’s Honor Roll
  • Varsity Letter Winner
  • All Conference Honor – American Athletic Conference
  • Best Newcomer Award – Women’s Swimming and Diving (2014-2015)

“My parents have always encouraged me to help people in need.  The Hunt Institute gives me the opportunity to work on problems which could help people, who does not have enough resources or knowledge, to find solutions to their problems which affects their everyday life.  I am also very passionate about the field of renewable energies, which is an environmentally friendly way to produce energy.  They have a great potential to replace other non-renewable energy sources in the future.”

Adrienn Santa is a senior at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, pursuing Bachelor’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics.  Her studies in engineering have prompted interest in energy generation, because of this she is considering pursuing a Master’s degree in Renewable Energy.

Adrienn was working as an Undergraduate Research Assistant with the Hunt Institute and as a Lyle Research Fellow over the summer which helped her realize the importance of development of urban farming and gardening. Her future goals are to be able to design sustainable solutions for low-income communities and people who do not have access to fresh heathy food.

One potential solution would be to use the vacant lots and buildings for food production. An innovative low-cost heating and cooling system, efficient irrigation system, and vertical gardening would also make urban farming more accessible for communities in need.

Adrienn grew up in a very sustainable family in Hungary, where everything is homemade and all vegetables and fruits are grown in her grandparents’ garden.  This also motivates her to help other people who do not have access to these resources. The reason Adrienn likes working at the Hunt Institute is because it gives her the opportunity to utilize her passion towards creating these solutions.

Adrienn’s favorite free time activity, swimming, took her overseas as she was granted with a full athletic scholarship at SMU in 2014. Other interests of hers include traveling to different places, countries and getting to know other cultures, as well as participating in different extreme sports.


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Written by: Kim Strelke

Edited by: Adrienn Santa & Maggie Inhofe

Photo by: Alissa Llort

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Corrie A. Harris, MA, MBA

Corrie A Harris MA MBA Hunt Institute SMU LYLE COX Assistant Director Strategy Marketing Brand Promotion Product Development Program Growth

Corrie A. Harris joined the Hunter & Stephanie Hunt Institute for Engineering & Humanity in 2016. Harris has significant experience in strategic operational and programmatic excellence for organizations focused on poverty alleviation through economic development, both locally and globally. Harris has also worked across various sectors, including academia, international government relations, nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurial ventures, and for-profit institutions.

In 2017, she founded the Hunt Institute Digest where she still functions as the Editor-in-Chief collaborating with student-workers who contribute to the Digest. By 2018, Harris co-founded the Global Development Lab (GDL) with the Institute’s Executive Director, Dr. Eva Csaky, to foster innovative solutions for a resilient humanity where she functions as the Portfolio Manager. Harris used the GDL to develop the student-worker program within the Institute to embody the Institute’s mission through projects with Affiliates, industry, and in-country partners. She also took the lead on a communication and marketing strategy for the Institute by redesigning social media campaigns for impact and creating the Hunt Institute Friday Update, a weekly newsletter summarizing the past week’s work in the Institute. In 2020, she is directing the Social Enterprise program in the Hunt Institute that integrates the GDL with social entrepreneurs and social intrapreneurs where she functions as a product manager and developer.

When asked about her motivation working at the Institute, she said, “Our work goes beyond theoretical to actually addressing real-world issues. This work brings with it a unique satisfaction when I see student workers go through the program working on their projects, demonstrating teamwork, and contributing in an impactful way. I enjoy watching them develop and sharpen their professional skills for that important transition between being a college student and a professional that contributes to making the world a better place, each in their various walks of life. I am highly motivated to build, market, and grow programs that shape people in a positive way.”

In 2006, Harris was the director of Villa Familia Nicaragua (VFN), an orphanage for children in crisis in Nicaragua for three years. She directed the day-to-day operations as well as all of its strategic programs, including initiating a Coalition of Directors for collaboration in Managua, Nicaragua. With the collective knowledge of the coalition, Harris created an economic development strategy for retrofitting and expanding VFN. After this, she recruited nationally and internationally for the implementation of the development strategy. This effort was highly successful and received the highest governmental recognition from the Department of Mi Familia as the standard by which all other centers for children in crisis should be modeled.

In 2021, Harris received an MBA from Cox School of Business with a concentration in Strategy and Entrepreneurship and a focus in Marketing. In 2015, she earned a Master of Arts in Sustainability and Development from SMU’s Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering. Her master’s thesis is titled Resilient Sustainable Development: Localized Transformational Impact to Alleviate Poverty. In 2013, Harris graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Texas at Arlington with concentrations in Economics, Sustainability, Management, and Cultural Studies as a Presidential Scholar. Her honors thesis was titled Growing global economies: An interdisciplinary perspective on sustainable economic development. She holds the level of Black Belt in the World Taekwondo Federation.

Harris volunteers at St. Andrews Methodist Church in Plano, Texas as a Sunday school liaison, was a contributing member of the Lyle Task Force and Project Llama Initiatives in 2019,  a member in the SMU Women Organization & Staff Association Member, a member in the Women in Business Cox Student Organization, the co-Founder and Portfolio Manager of the Global Development Lab, income Fitness Committee Chair at Gleneagles Country Club, and serves on the SMU Faculty Club Board. Corrie and her husband Chris Harris live in Plano, Texas. They are proud parents of two children.

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