The Hunt Institute Launches Sages and Seekers Podcast

In today’s digital age, we have become obsessed with connectivity. We frequently check our social media platforms, eager to see what our friends and family are up to. We scour the Internet and applications like Twitter to keep up with what is trending, hopeful that we don’t lose our connection to those around us.   Our deep fascination [...]

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Lillie Noe

Lillie Noe Class of 2020 SMU Cox MBA Candidate B.A. in Plan II and B.S. in Textiles and Apparel at the University of Texas at Austin Forté Fellow President of Net Impact “In my undergraduate studies, I was struck by the amount of environmental waste and human harm unleashed by the apparel industry as a [...]

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Manuela Murillo Sanchez

Manuela Murillo Sanchez Class of 2021 Project Manager Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics major President of Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at SMU Second Century Scholar Manuela is a junior at Southern Methodist University working towards her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics. She is also a Logistics Coordinator at the Maguire Center for Ethics, President [...]

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James Olivier, Hunt Institute Fellow

Dr. James Olivier has over 25 years of experience in network and telecommunications systems. As a consultant, Dr. Olivier has been recognized as an expert in such areas as Packet Switching, Cellular Networks and Network Security before United States District Courts and the International Trade Commission. Past clients include AT&T, T-Mobile, Samsung Electronics, Arista Networks, [...]

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Liam Lowsley-Williams

Liam Lowsley-Williams Class of 2020 Web Developer/Programmer Computer Science Engineering Major Engineering Management, Information and Systems Minor Honor Roll with Distinction Data Structures TA Liam Lowsley-Williams is a junior at Southern Methodist University and is working towards a B.S in Computer Science with a minor in Engineering Management, Information and Systems. Liam is also a [...]

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Kyle Kolodziej

Class of 2022 Research Analyst Management Science, Statistical Science, and Computer Science major Mathematics, Economics, and Sport Management minor SMU Discovery Scholarship SMU Opportunity Award United Airlines Scholarship SMU Provost Scholar SMU Embrey, J Lindsay Scholarship “Growing up with dogs and visiting my uncles’ farm has allowed me to develop a love for all living [...]

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T3 Series with Srikanth Mangalam

The Internet of Things is an elusive, vague, and “futuristic” term; it’s a term that many, even prominent technical developers, have trouble understanding. Fortunately for all of us, this is what Srikanth Mangalam, an internationally recognized expert in public policy and sustainable development, sought to demystify at his talk for the Hunt Institute’s T3 Series [...]

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Cole DeYoung

Class of 2020 Project Manager Engineering Management, Information and Systems major Economics Minor SMU Discovery Scholarship Founders Scholarship INFORMS VP of Finance “I love my major and that it challenges me and I know that what I’ve learned at SMU and through my work experience will enable me to do something great, but that won’t [...]

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Jaclyn Soria

SMU Class of 2020 Journalism and Spanish major Advertising minor       Jaclyn is a junior at Southern Methodist University working toward her B.A. in Journalism and Spanish and minor in Advertising. As a Miami native, Jaclyn enjoys being immersed in different cultures and has participated in study abroad programs in countries like Spain [...]

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Mitchell Morrison

Mitchell Morrison Project Manager Class of 2022 Computer Science and Finance Majors Hunt Leadership Scholar SMU Distinguished Scholar Honor Roll with High Distinction Consult Your Community Team Co-Lead Mitchell is a first year at Southern Methodist University working towards his B.S. in Computer Science and BBA in Finance. He is also a Hunt Leadership Scholar, [...]

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