About Corrie Harris

Corrie A. Harris is the Assistant Director for the Hunter and Stephanie Hunt Institute for Engineering & Humanity. In this role, Harris manages the design, implementation and growth of the Global Development Lab. She has significant experience in operational excellence for organizations focused on poverty alleviation, both locally and globally. Harris has also worked across various sectors, including academia, international government relations, nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurial ventures and for-profit institutions. Most notably, Harris was the director of Villa Familia Nicaragua (VFN), an orphanage for children in crisis in Nicaragua. She managed the day-to-day operations as well as all of its strategic programs, including initiating a Coalition of Directors for collaboration. With the collective knowledge of the coalition, Harris created an economic development strategy for retrofitting and expanding VFN. After this, she recruited nationally and internationally for the implementation of development. This effort was highly successful and received the highest governmental recognition from the Department of Mi Familia as the standard by which all other centers for children in crisis should be modeled. Harris earned a Master of Arts in Sustainability and Development from SMU and an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Texas at Arlington with concentrations in Economics, Sustainability, Management and Cultural Studies. Her master’s thesis is titled Resilient Sustainable Development: Localized Transformational Impact to Alleviate Poverty.

Why We Do What We Do: Part II

  Daily, a steady stream of student workers can be seen coming in and out of the Hunt Institute. They find creative ways to orchestrate meetings, stay connected with colleagues working remotely, and keep a positive attitude amidst a world that at times can feel turned upside down. Fanned out across the Institute’s [...]

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Mike Brown, Hunt Institute Fellow

Mike Brown, EIT, CEM, LEED AP BD+C, Energy Systems Design Engineer at HKS, Inc., Hunt Institute Fellow, and IEC Leadership Council member As Energy Analyst & Energy Systems Design Engineer with HKS, Mike is an Energy Engineer working alongside architects and engineers to help building owners/developers create high-performance buildings that save energy and [...]

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Bruce Gnade, Ph.D.

Dr. Bruce Gnade, Executive Director of the Hart Center and Fellow in the Hunt Institute Bruce Gnade, Ph.D. is a Clinical Professor and Affiliated Faculty in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Lyle School of Engineering as well as the Executive Director of the Hart Center for Engineering Leadership. He was influential [...]

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Why We Do What We Do: Part 1

Sitting in her office on another Zoom call, the Assistant Director, Corrie Harris, works to motivate team members given the current state of affairs: an ever-changing landscape that greatly affects their ability to collaborate with in-country partners and affiliates. A series of delays, losses, and obstacles have flown in their path, yet they continue to [...]

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Beta COVID-19 Relief Map

In Spring of this year, the Hunt Institute’s Map 4 Good project evolved into Map InDallas, an organizational expansion that included the addition of a stakeholder Advisory Committee led by Dr. Eva Csaky and implemented with the guidance of Dr. James Olivier. Weeks later, the then-emerging COVID-19 pandemic shifted the focus to how best to [...]

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Where Engineering and Chemistry Intersect for Global Impact

L to R: Dr. Paul Krueger, Dr. David Son, Katie Nguyen, Corrie Harris, Anderson Wey, Sydney Lobato, and Jamie Hall During these uncertain times, the Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity’s Global Development Lab has been hard at work this summer. Fellows, faculty, and industry professionals collaborate to create meaningful solutions to promote [...]

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Moments that Matter

The Veteran Women’s Enterprise Center is working toward improving engagement with veteran women entrepreneurs through a series of national focus groups in 2020. The data from the focus groups will help business development and support providers across our nation improve how they engage women veteran entrepreneurs. The purpose is to gather data to advocate for [...]

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Filling the Gap for Seismic Protection

Image from Volcano Discovery Peru is located in a seismic zone where the South American Plate moves toward the sea over the Nazca Plate causing earthquakes as a result of the thrust faulting on the interface of the two plates. The lack of expensive safe and equitable urban development creates a disparity with [...]

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Alison Harwood, Sustainable Finance and Investing with Impact

Alison Harwood, Hunt Institute Fellow concentrating in Sustainable Finance & Investing with Impact Alison Harwood is committed to promoting finance as a force for positive change.  She is a consultant on sustainable and green finance and investing with impact and a Senior Fellow in Residence at the Milken Institute School of Public Health [...]

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James McGuire

Regional Counsel, US EPA Region 6 James McGuire is a Fellow in the Hunt Institute where he brings his expertise as a government executive with expertise in water, energy, and the environment. McGuire also serves on the Leadership Council for the Hunt Institute's Inclusive Economy. He is Regional Counsel for U.S. EPA Region [...]

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