Kathy Jack, Ph.D., Hunt Institute Fellow

Katherine Jack, Ph.D., brings her expertise in environmental technologies, sustainable development, and community health and resilience to the Hunt Institute as a newly appointed Fellow. Since 2017, she has served as The Dallas Healthy Cities Program Director for The Nature Conservancy in Texas (TNC), working with community partners to create a climate-resilient Dallas and to leverage the power of nature to benefit all residents. Dr. Jack also serves as Co-chair for the TNC Cities Network group to refine shared metrics for human and conservation well-being in the urban landscape.

Dr. Katherine Jack is an experienced Program Director and researcher, with more than twenty years working in both local government and non-profit sectors to advance community conservation, resilience, and sustainability. Her focus has always been at the intersection of people and nature. This includes the social dimensions of conservation and technological innovation, with expertise in renewable energy, emissions science, and nature-based strategies (NBS).

Notably, one of her recent research project publications is “Green Stormwater Infrastructure for Urban Flood Resilience: Opportunity Analysis for Dallas, TX”.  This research study was conducted by Dr. Jack and TNC team, as well as Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, to assess the potential for GSI to enhance stormwater flood management in Dallas. Wherein, her team identified substantial cost-effective opportunities to deploy GSI for flood resilience and community benefits within the City of Dallas.

Her other key initiatives include advancing local air monitoring for improved public health outcomes, a collaborative effort of tree planting through Cool & Connected Oak Cliff, serving on the Stakeholder Advisory Committee to Dallas’ Environmental and Climate Action Plan, and on the Best Practices Advisory Committee for the Texas Tree Foundations’ Southwestern Medical District Streetscape Transformation project.

When asked what motivates her to do impact work, Dr. Jack said, “I am solutions driven! I am motivated by the urgency and complexity of the challenges we face at the intersection of society and the environment, and I am absolutely inspired by the richness of creating solutions with people across disciplines, experiences, and perspectives.”

Dr. Jack received her Bachelor of Arts in Environment and Society from Cornell University, a Master of Science in Environmental Resources Engineering, in the International Development Technologies Program at Humboldt State University, and a Ph.D. in Environmental Science from the University of North Texas.

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