Dr. Aurelie Thiele: Conversations about Community and Resilience

On this episode of the Hunt Institute’s Sages & Seekers Podcast, Dr. Aurelie Thiele, Associate Professor in the Operations Research and Engineering Management (OREM) Department in the Lyle School of Engineering at SMU, discusses growing up in France, the value of forming connections in the classroom, and the power of defining yourself as a resilient person.

Dr. Thiele’s research is on decision-making under high uncertainty with a focus on robust optimization, and one current topic of interest for her is robust revenue management with choice models. Her research has received the George E Nicholson prize, an IBM Faculty award, several National Science Foundation awards and a Lehigh Faculty Innovation Grant. Dr. Thiele also received a Research Grant from the SMU Maguire Center for Ethics and Public Responsibility.

Dr. Thiele said, “American culture favors finding a silver lining in everything, so when something bad happens you are almost obligated to look for the sliver lining right away. Especially in times of pandemic, we also have to allow ourselves to grieve for what we’ve lost.”

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