Janeil Engelstad: Conversations about Community and Resilience

Headshot of Janeil Engelstad: Sages & Seekers PodcastOn this episode of The Hunt Institute’s Sages & Seekers Podcast, Janeil Engelstad discusses the power of collaboration, self-reflection, and gratitude.

Engelstad is the Founding Director of Make Art with Purpose (MAP), an organization that produces collaborative artist-led projects that address social and environmental concerns. MAP projects include communities as partners in the production of the work, directly engage the audience to participate beyond the role of passive observer and ignite creative collaboration from museums, schools, government, business, NGOs and other partners. Her podcast, MAP Radio Hour, conversations at the intersection of art, design, science, politics and justice is hosted by Creative Disturbance and ARTECA/MIT.

In the conversation, Engelstad said, “In sharing our stories, we find our commonality and where we meet as humans.”

What is Hunt Sages & Seekers?

The Hunt Institute Sages & Seekers Podcast shares the stories of innovative social leaders and the resilient communities that have shaped them. The series explores guests’ personal experiences with social issues ranging from inequity in the arts and school segregation to climate change and police violence. Through conversations with these agents of change, listeners gain insight into the history of these matters and discover how we as a global community can work to correct them. Follow us on SoundCloud at Hunt Sages & Seekers Podcast.

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