Winners of the Kijiji Innovative Sustainable Solutions Design Competition

On Wednesday, April 14, 2021, The Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity hosted an exhibition featuring the various architectural designs created by 17 teams of 31 students from 3 universities competing for 1st prize in the Kijiji Innovation Sustainable Solutions Design Competition. Students, staff, and faculty of Southern Methodist University were invited to view the displays. Additionally, Clara Rulegura Ford, founder of Kijiji Innovative Sustainable Solutions (K.I.S.S.), and a panel of 4 judges, were tasked with selecting the student team that would get the chance to implement their design at the Rulegura Center in northern Tanzania.

KISS Design Competition
The exhibit at the Hunt Institute displayed students’ designs.

The Center, which will be built in Kasisa Village, will serve as the hub for executing K.I.S.S.’s mission – to promote sustainable development in rural Tanzania and to protect the country’s wildlife and natural resources. The Center will be used for community meetings and trainings for villagers to learn sustainable methods and practices related to energy, construction, health, agriculture, and more.

After much deliberation on all of the wonderful submissions, the judges declared the following teams as the winners of the K.I.S.S. Design Competition:

The first-place winners are Renalda Lwilla and Muhumuliza Lugeiyamu from Ardhi University.

KISS Award
The certificate awarded to the first-place team.

The second-place winners are Walter John and Immaneul Mutoka from Mbeya University of Science & Technology.

The third-place winners are Doreen Sanga, Emmanuel Waheke, Jackline Samwel, and Daud John from the University of Dar es Salaam.

To view the design plans of the top three teams, visit the competition site here.

When asked about the success of the event, Ms. Ford commented, “I was so impressed by the design ideas from the students. They were well thought out and just wonderful. I congratulate the winners for a job well done, and I’m so proud of all the students for their courage and willingness to participate in the contest. Their energy and enthusiasm gives me hope in a bright, sustainable future for Tanzania.”

Stay tuned to the Hunt Institute Digest for updates on the Kijiji project and the construction of the Rulegura Center!

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