Matthew Meals is currently pursuing an M.S. in Environmental Engineering at SMU and is intending to graduate in December of 2021. Matthew graduated from McKendree University with a B.S. in Environmental Studies in May, 2020. Prior to his work in the Institute, Matthew was an intern for Environmental Consultants, LLC. In his role, Matthew specialized in air and water sampling.

Matthew was a member of the swim team for all four years at McKendree University, and he still enjoys swimming in his spare time. In addition, Matthew can be found rock climbing when he isn’t working, studying, or swimming.


When asked what motivates his work at the Hunt Institute, he replied, “I enjoy getting out of my comfort zone to learn and help people.”

In his role at the Hunt Institute, Matthew will be using his environmental science expertise to work on the Kijiji Project, which focuses on the sustainable construction of a community center in the Kijiji Village in Tanzania. In the future, Matthew plans to work on designing and implementing renewable energy systems.

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