Pharr Andrews, Social Enterprise 2021 Cohort Intrapreneur

As an experienced scholar and fervent advocate for the mend of environmental and sustainability issues, Pharr Andrews joined the Hunt Institute’s Social Enterprise 2021 Cohort as an Intrapreneur.

Andrews aims to continue to push for solutions that address the energy poverty gap exasperated by the effects of climate change.

Currently serving as the Senior Climate Coordinator for the City of Dallas, her primary role is to coordinate the City’s first Comprehensive and Climate Action Plan (CECAP). Through her extensive experience, traversing 20 years of acquired knowledge in the field, she displays a strong commitment to preserving the environment and has earned a reputation among peers as a leader in the field.

Andrews’ social enterprise project “Energy Equip” attempts to provide basic energy services to low-income areas and proposes to address energy poverty symptoms through six main pathways: education, leveraging of resources, commitment to amplifying ongoing actions, expanding partnerships, outreach, and awareness-building.

Her employment background stretches across various environmental initiatives; these include Environmental Outreach Manager for the City of Richardson and Air Quality Manager for the City of Austin.

While in Austin, she chaired the region’s Clean Air Coalition Advisory Committee and helped implement three regional air quality improvement plans. She was also a founding member of the City’s Climate Protection Team and played a vital role in the climate planning effort. Prior to serving at the City of Austin, she worked for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) on environmental policy issues.

This December, Pharr Andrews will be presenting her social enterprise project at the Hunt Institute’s Impact Forum where she will continue to spark discussion around reducing the energy burden and raise awareness for the issue’s urgent need for action.

When asked what has motivated her impact work, Andrews said, “Climate Change impacts everyone on the planet, but does not affect everyone equally. I am very motivated to help ensure vulnerable front line communities have access to the tools that reduce negative impacts, build resiliency and improve quality of life.”

Look forward to more from the Hunt Institute Digest, to stay up to date on Pharr’s work and progress as she pursues solutions to energy poverty in the DFW area.

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