Youth Up Next: Gearing Up the Next Generation of Innovators and Entrepreneurs

The Action Research Center launches YouthUp Next 2.0. to prepare the next generation of global leaders.

On November 14th, students started a cutting edge program designed to support young innovators and entrepreneurs.  The Young Social Innovators & Social Entrepreneurs program is designed to foster creativity, innovation, and social entrepreneurship in the Dallas/Ft Worth Area.  Furthermore, it aims to enhance student’s leadership abilities through exposure to and practice of  leadership skills and concepts that emphasize self-awareness, interpersonal communication and insightful analysis of resources and systems.

Dr. Candice L. Bledsoe, executive director of the Action Research Center, says, “It is refreshing to work with such a diverse group of young change makers who are developing the knowledge, skills, and practices to become global leaders.

Recently, the Action Research Center was awarded the UN Global Leadership Award in Sustainable Goal 4: Quality Education. Dr. Bledsoe envisions a world where young students and change makers develop solutions to address problems in their communities.

One example of a future change maker is Kortni Foreman of Townview Magnet High School, Class of 2022. Kortni says, “Social innovation and, more specifically, social entrepreneurship is crucial to me simply because I hope to be the person I wish I had seen when I was younger. In STEM fields, women of color are underrepresented and overlooked, so I have dedicated my time to creating a project to narrow the gap. Joining the Young Social Innovators and Social Entrepreneurs program will help me reach that goal by giving me the support and feedback I need to provide to my community and, ultimately, to younger versions of myself.”

To join the Young Social Innovators and Young Social Entrepreneurs, visit

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