Scott Zuo

Scott Zuo is a junior at Southern Methodist University working toward a B.S. in Management Science and Statistics. He serves as a member of the SMU Statistics Club and as an active member of the American Statistics Association (ASA).

Scott has been recognized as a Distinguished Scholar and as a Discovery Scholar. After completing his undergraduate studies, Scott would like to go to a graduate school for further study in the field of statistics. In his free time, he enjoys movies, music, and basketball.

At the Hunt Institute, Scott’s skills in analytics and managing data have been utilized in his current role on the ImpactMap project where he has been appointed as Data Manager. This job includes managing data content and tools to make the ImpactMap more effective and useful, as well as researching best practices, and collecting, organizing, and evaluating data from various sources. Scott also works in the Global Development Lab as an Undergraduate Research Analyst. He has worked on the Moments that Matter Phase II project which will help business development and support providers nationwide to improve how they engage with women-veteran entrepreneurs.

Scott finds his motivation at work to be “all the potential benefits of the projects of our Institute as well as the way we approach every task by applying our knowledge and wisdom to achieve our goals, all of these have built up the components that motivate me to keep working for the Institute and makes me feel fulfilled.”

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