The Gambia Clean Energy Project by Alboury Mohammed Njie ’22 is working to provide sustainable and clean electricity to The Gambia, where 48% of people have some access to electricity and the remaining 52% have no access.

Njie was born and raised in The Gambia in West Africa. His childhood helped solidify his life goals from a young age: he wants to help close the gap between developed and developing countries. He is currently conducting research through the Hunt Institute on an efficient renewable energy mix that can be used to alleviate the energy poverty in developing countries.

At the Hunt Institute, Njie was invited to be the first student entrepreneur in the social enterprise program which addresses key barriers faced by early stage social entrepreneurs, including capacity constraints and a need for strategic guidance. The Hunt Institute also serves as the hub to connect social entrepreneurs to critical resources.

You can help make a difference in the lives of Gambians by contributing to the Hunt Institute’s project for SMU Giving Day. All proceeds will go toward The Gambia Clean Energy Project. Thank you for your consideration.


The button to support this project will go live on March 24, 2020 for SMU Giving Day.
The Hunt Institute appreciates your support.