Srikanth MangalamSrikanth Mangalam is an internationally recognized expert in public policy and regulatory delivery across various areas of sustainable development with over 20 years of experience in North America, Asia, Europe and Africa. He is recognized as a visionary and a thought leader in public risk management with over 25 years of combined experience in the private and public sectors. As a regulator, he has pioneered innovative risk-based standards and approaches in the development of policies and regulatory delivery.

Srikanth is the President of Prism Institute, a not for profit research and advisory think-tank promoting innovations in risk, regulation and sustainable development. He is also a World Bank expert on disruptive technologies and public-sector innovation. He has authored reports for the World Bank, OECD, Government of Canada and the Donor Committee on Enterprise Development on regulatory innovations and the role of technologies in regulations. He assists governmental agencies in developed and developing countries on the development and implementation of policy-based solutions to addressing complex issues in sustainable development using a process of science, innovation and partnerships involving diverse stakeholder groups and networks. His current work is focused in understanding and managing impacts from the application and use of transformational technologies in areas including trade and competitiveness, regulatory compliance, food and consumer product value chains, public health and safety, environment and climate change, gender equity and human development.