Taylor GraceTaylor Grace is a junior at Southern Methodist University working toward a B.S. in Engineering Management Information Systems (EMIS) and B.A. in Spanish. She is a member of Chi Omega sorority, Student Mobilization Christian Bible study, and the SMU Women’s Lacrosse team.

Taylor has also been recognized as a Distinguished Scholar. After completing her undergraduate studies at SMU, Taylor hopes to serve those around her to the best of her ability in whatever industry she ends up in.

At the Hunt Institute, Taylor is an Undergraduate Project Manager where she leads teams working on projects within the Global Development Lab using project management best practices to balance the three drivers of a project: time, budget, and scope. Specifically, she is the Undergraduate Project Manager for the Kijiji Project, which focuses on the development of a sustainable fence for the community center planned to be built in Kasisa Village, Tanzania.

About her experience with the Kijiji Project, Taylor says, “I really enjoyed presenting our findings to the KISS board and local Tanzanians because they were pleased with our solution. It was the first time we had the chance to connect with the visionaries of this project. Their passion and excitement to improve their community, combined with their resourcefulness, encouraged me and made me so honored to be a part of such an amazing project that will impact so many lives.”

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