Mohammed NjieMohammed Njie is a senior at Southern Methodist University working toward a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. He has been recognized as a Grand Challenges scholar, winner of SMU’s Big Ideas, and is also part of the SMU Incubator.

Mohammed was born and raised in The Gambia in West Africa. After his graduation from a high school in The Gambia, he constructed his first electric car. His childhood helped solidify his life goals from a young age: he wants to help close the gap between developed and developing countries. He is currently conducting research on efficient renewable energy systems that can be used to alleviate the energy poverty in developing countries.

At the Hunt Institute, Mohammed is continuing his passion for developing sustainable energy sources for developing nations as the first student social entrepreneur working with the Hunt Institute. Mohammed founded Janta Energy, a social enterprise, with the goal of bringing clean, reliable energy to The Gambia. His vision is to see all of Africa have access to reliable affordable clean energy in his lifetime.

Discussing his motivation for work in the Institute, Mohammed says, “I think it is important to realize that here at the Institute we are involved in a lot of projects where we can impact the lives of a lot of different people. For their sake, it is very important that we push through…they are waiting for us.”

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