Stephanie Byrd, Hunt Institute Fellow

Stephanie Byrd joins the Hunt Institute as a Fellow bringing her industry expertise in energy.  She is a Marketing Director at Schneider Electric, co-chair of the new North Texas Food Policy Alliance, and committee member of the North Texas Regional Center of Expertise. Previously, Stephanie served on the board of Schneider Electric’s North American Foundation, on the board of the North Texas Renewable Energy Group, and on the Communications Committee for US Green Building Council of North Texas Chapter . 

Stephanie is passionate about energy and its role in reshaping industries, transforming cities, and enriching lives. Schneider Electric is a 180+-year-old company that has always been a leading technology provider. Stephanie joined and has stayed with Schneider because of its strong commitment to sustainability and its belief that energy is a basic human right. 

Stephanie lends her expertise in advising in energy-related projects as well as speaking at the Hunt Institute’s ImpactNights™ event sharing solutions Schneider uses to address business, climate, and inclusive mandates. Stephanie outlines how Schneider is responding to the call for corporations to serve a dual mandate: to continually improve business performance while improving the lives of all stakeholders touched by the business.

Growing up in San Antonio, studying marketing at Baylor University, and now establishing roots in DFW with her husband, pets, and two children, Stephanie is a long-time Texas resident with strong ties in the I-35 corridor. With a father in the military and a mother teaching public school, it’s natural for Stephanie to be an active participant in her community.

When asked what inspires her work, Stephanie said: “I am passionate about energy and its role in reshaping industries, transforming cities, and enriching lives. Climate change is an energy challenge and technology exists today to cut wasteful carbon emissions.”

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