The Hunt Institute Launches Sages and Seekers Podcast

In today’s digital age, we have become obsessed with connectivity. We frequently check our social media platforms, eager to see what our friends and family are up to. We scour the Internet and applications like Twitter to keep up with what is trending, hopeful that we don’t lose our connection to those around us.  

Our deep fascination with connectivity is nothing new. Even before the Internet and social media were introduced, people were keen on developing deep connections with the people around them. Of course, because applications like Snapchat and Instagram didn’t exist, they accomplished this by using a different form of connection: Storytelling.  

As a hub of innovation and technology, the Hunt Institute for Engineering & Technology greatly values the power of connectivity. Committed to this force, the Hunt Institute is launching the Hunt Institute Sages and Seekers Podcast, a podcast series telling the stories of innovative leaders who have impacted their own communities and beyond. These community advocates, and the resilient communities they strengthen, connect podcast listeners to historical and current issues that afflict our communities. The social warriors, ranging from a Holocaust survivor to a prominent playwright, show us how we can make our communities and the world around us a better place.   

The Hunt Institute has long been committed to celebrating the contributions of others, launching the Hunt Institute Elders initiative in 2015 to recognize the accomplishments of distinguished individuals who have earned great trust, demonstrated integrity, and built a reputation for inclusive, progressive leadership over their lifetimes. Now, the Hunt Institute Sages and Seekers Podcast will continue to celebrate these contributions, featuring guests who are actively carrying on the values and best practices of the Hunt Elders through their work in building resilient and inclusive communities.  

Tune in to the Hunt Institute’s Sages and Seekers Podcast for your dose of connectivity and to hear the stories of resilient leaders and the communities that made their accomplishments possible. The bi-weekly podcast will launch Friday, November 15th on and on the Hunt Institute’s blog.

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