Liam Lowsley-Williams ’21

Liam Lowsley-Williams ’21, worked for the Hunt Institute through his undergraduate studies and now as a masters student. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Engineering Management Information Systems from Lyle School of Engineering at Southern Methodist University. Currently, he is pursuing a Master of Science in Computer Science and is the Head Full Stack Development Teaching Assistant for Lyle in the Computer Science department. He continues to be a Technical Consultant for the Hunt Institute where he mentors other students as well as leads development in the evolving Map INDallas (formally called Map 4 Good).
Liam was born in Fairfield, CT and transferred to SMU after his first year of college. He originally attended Chapman University in Southern California and was pursuing business and economics with an emphasis on real estate development. However, while working over the winter months in Telluride, CO, he realized his true calling was engineering. He identified and solved an issue as an intern by developing a digitized inventory management system for a hotel where he worked. That solution was integrated into the company’s standard operating procedures resulting in a cost savings for the company as well as increased customer satisfaction.
Liam accepted a role as Frontend Web Developer at SiriusXM after successfully completing his internship there over the summer of 2021 where he works while pursuing his master’s degree. He holds a Board of Directors member position for Treasure Map, Inc., and continues as the Chief Technology Officer for Learning Alpha, LLC that he co-founded in 2019. His background experience include an internship as a software engineer at McKinsey & Company in NYC, a Full Stack Developer for Signo Capital, and as a Graphic and Web Designer for the AT&T Center for Virtualization partnering with Southern Methodist University, to name a few

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