Class of 2022

Research Analyst

Management Science, Statistical Science, and Computer Science major

Mathematics, Economics, and Sport Management minor

SMU Discovery Scholarship

SMU Opportunity Award

United Airlines Scholarship

SMU Provost Scholar

SMU Embrey, J Lindsay Scholarship

“Growing up with dogs and visiting my uncles’ farm has allowed me to develop a love for all living creatures. My experiences with the unconditional love and attention animals, especially my dogs, give has transformed my outlook. I believe Will Ferrell’s message in Semi-Pro of ‘Everybody Love Everybody’ encompasses this notion that it’s not hard to be nice and make an impact in others’ lives and the world.”

Kyle is a freshman at Southern Methodist University working towards his B. S. in Management Science, B. S. in Statistical Science, and B. A. in Computer Science. Additionally, he is pursuing minors in Mathematics, Economics, and Sport Management. He is recipient of the SMU Discovery, SMU Opportunity Award, United Airlines, Provost Scholar, and J Lindsay Embrey Scholarships.

Kyle grew up in Elgin, a suburb outside of Chicago, but spent a lot of time in Texas before coming to college here. Kyle’s various degrees and minors allow him to pursue his wide-rand of interests. He hopes to gain the knowledge and abilities with his studies to be able to work and excel in different industries and environments.

From a young age, Kyle has enjoyed being involved in as many ways as possible inside and outside of the classroom. He has carried this trait of being heavily involved as a first-year student at Southern Methodist University. Kyle is in Phi Delta Theta, Theta Tau, Mustang Fitness Club, SMU Club Soccer, Best Buddies, Sing Song, many Intramural Sports teams, and worked as an Intramural Referee. He has taken on additional responsibilities as a Community Service Coordinator for Theta Tau and as an Executive Board Member specializing in Event Planning and Social Media Manager for Mustang Fitness Club. Kyle strives to perform everything to the best of his ability and has been honored with Honor Roll with Distinction and Referee of the Week in his first week as a referee. In his free time, he established a Fitness Instagram (@kyle_kolodziej_fitness), researching peer reviewed sources to share scientific based and educational fitness and nutrition content.

Kyle will be working with AGCO this summer as a Data Analyst. In the future, he hopes to apply his technical skills to make a difference in a field that interests him such as Health and Nutrition and Sports.