Wilkie Stevenson ’20, Hunt Institute Associate

Wilkie Stevenson ’20  joins the Hunt Institute as an Associate, bringing with him his passion for mechanical engineering in solving societal problems.

Wilkie is an Associate at Capco where he works as a mechanical engineer as a full stack developer monitoring and supporting the Texas Electrical Grid specializing in efficiencies that increase customer satisfaction by working to eliminate discrepancies between environments. Capco is a global management and technology consultancy dedicated to the financial services and energy industries. He graduated from SMU with a BS Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Management & Entrepreneurship Specialization major from Lyle School of Engineering in 2020.

As a student at SMU, he spent the majority of his college employment as an Undergraduate Research Analyst for The Hunt Institute where he worked on various projects over the years that supported local education in communities around the world. These roles allowed him to grow his computer science, technical, leadership, and design skills through real-world experiences. Before graduating from SMU, he filled two patent-pending applications on products he designed and created. 

Wilkie continues to support the work at the Hunt Institute through his dedication to the STEM Up initiative designing a sufficient computer lab focusing on offline access to digital educational content for rural areas without access to infrastructure like electricity and internet. His dedication to impact work has touched many projects including Map INDallas (formerly called Map4Good), Evie-in-a-box, database structure for the Blockchain Hub, and the continued progress and development of the rural STEM Up initiative. 

He holds the level of Eagle Scout in The National Eagle Scout Association which is the highest achievement attainable in the Scouts BSA program of the Boy Scout of America.

When asked what his motivation is for doing impact work he replied, “What motivates me is making education more accessible”

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