Photo of Varsha Appaji

Class of 2021
Research Analyst, Inclusive Economy
Majors: Statistical Science, Public Policy, Economics
Dean’s Scholar
Pre-law Scholar
Discovery Scholar
Varsha Appaji is a sophomore at Southern Methodist University working toward a B.S. in Statistical Science, a B.A. in Public Policy, and a B.A. in Economics. She is also an SMU Dean’s Scholar, Pre-law Scholar, and Discovery Scholar. 
Varsha finds her passion at the same place her three majors intersect: in critically evaluating the potential mechanisms that can help alleviate socioeconomic inequality. She is currently a research analyst for the Hunt Institute working on a project dedicated to analyzing what it takes for an inclusive economy to realistically and sustainably exist in the near future. 
Varsha also has great interest in the potential of the Internet of Things (IoTs). Through her research, she has discovered the vast impacts these technologies can make on agricultural production and access, green energy, emergency response systems, politics, privacy, and more, for better or for worse. Varsha is committed to furthering her study of the effects that technology can have on various aspects of human life. In the long run, she is motivated to one day shape policy that can ensure innovation is for the benefit of all humanity, serving to fill the gap between dominant and subaltern groups.
Varsha also spends her time at SMU as the associate director of the Tower Center Student Forum, editing and writing for student driven publications dealing with current events and policy, as well as organizing events featuring distinguished academia and field experts as speakers. Outside of her academic pursuits, Varsha is a South Indian classically trained singer and she regularly performs throughout the US, often alongside different world music ensembles.