Tristan Knotts ’20

Photo of Tristan KnottsClass of 2020
Project Manager
Majors: Computer Science, Mathematics
Lyle Scholar
SEAS Award
Lyle Senator
Lyle Ambassador

Tristan Knotts graduated from Southern Methodist University, majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. He was a Lyle Scholar, SEAS Award recipient, and a member of the Lyle Ambassadors program, the face of the Lyle School of Engineering and Lyle’s primary recruiting organization. Tristan has held many key roles within the organizations he is involved, including Lyle Senator within SMU’s 104th Student Senate, the captain of his intramural football team, and Treasurer of the Cyber Security Club.

In  summer of 2018, Tristan, worked at AT&T, a global leader in technology, media, and communications, as a software developer and project lead, designing and developing a software application. At AT&T, he gained valuable insight into the technology and communications industry, as well as experience in an innovative corporate environment. He was given a key role within a new project that allowed him to complete most of the project development lifecycle and saving AT&T operation costs of hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next few years.

In the summer of 2017, Tristan, worked at the defense contractor Raytheon, as a cybersecurity intern, designing application frameworks, and conducting software testing. Tristan also worked at SMU’s Caruth Institute for Engineering Education for two weeks, teaching high school students the fundamentals of engineering, and drone piloting.

At the Hunt Institute, Tristan worked as a project manager, where he oversaw student-driven projects through the project lifecycle. He was drawn to the institute by its inspiring mission to help others and provide solutions to real-world humanitarian and environmental issues. He enjoys the opportunity to make an impact on the global community, and hopefully inspire others to make a difference.

“Upon first walking into the Hunt Institute I could see the passion, integrity, and innovation the team expressed daily. The projects taken on by the Hunt Institute are highly innovative and all have the potential for positive impact, making it rewarding to participate. The institute’s encouraging and supportive environment inspires me to work to help others and give back whenever I can. I look forward to working with the institute throughout my college career to make a difference in the community.”

After graduating from SMU, Tristan has been working as a Business Analyst at Deloitte Consulting.

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