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Meet Evie at EarthX 2018

You’ve read her story. You’ve seen the progress. Now, are you ready to meet Evie? Join us for EarthX 2018 to see Evie in action! In addition to showing off our mobile greenhouse, we’re debuting Evie: Phase II. Evie: Phase II focuses on the optimization of growing. Students at the Hunt Institute have spent this [...]

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Introducing Our First Hunt Institute Scholar, Sara Langone

Sara Langone’s work with the Hunt Institute focuses on designing and conducting qualitative research projects at an organizational and community level on topics related to the Hunt Institute’s three pillars of food systems, infrastructure and inclusive economy. Langone’s qualitative approach provides rich, contextualized insight that helps enable the Institute and its partners to better understand [...]

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Break Bread, Break Borders

Break Bread, Break Borders (BBBB) is a catering company with a twist. BBBB hires women who came to Dallas as refugees and equips them with the tools to thrive in a new country. Not only does BBBB help build a necessary sense of community among women who have lost nearly everything in their home countries, [...]

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