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Meet Alec Alec Maulding '19 Student Analyst Member of the Evie Project Phase II: Optimization in Growing Aspires to hold a management position in the construction industry Will graduate with Honors in the Liberal Arts with a Bachelor of Science in Math and Mechanical Engineering with a Biomedical specialization Engineering Tech with the Texas [...]

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Meet Tristan Tristan Knotts '19 Student Analyst & Web Administrator Junior at SMU studying Computer Science and Mathematics Lyle Scholar SEAS Award recipient Lyle Senator - within SMU's 104th Student Senate Lyle Ambassador - Lyle's premier recruiting organization         "Upon first walking into the Hunt Institute I could see the passion, [...]

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Meet DeVincent DeVincent Martin '18 Consultant SMU Class of '18, Graduate Student Masters in Sustainability and Development US Army Veteran B.A. in Environmental Studies/Biology from Austin College Geo-mapping current and potential community gardens in South Dallas Consultant, Restorative Farms in South Dallas Member, Alpha Chi Honor Society at SMU     “Fighting for that [...]

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Meet Cullen Cullen Blanchfield '21 Creative Team - Film Specialist BFA Film Production, Advertisement Minor Cinematographer, Director, Camera Operator Artistic Scholarship, Meadows School of the Arts       "I get to incorporate and build on my videography skills at the Hunt Institute through creating promotional videos for what we are working on with [...]

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Hunt Institute Seminar Series: Just Change

November 8, 2017 Anna Clark, co-founder of the Inclusive Economy Consortium and Fellow of the Hunt Institute, facilitated an interactive Q&A with Boyea-Robinson. Hunt Institute Seminar Series was proud to host Tynesia Boyea-Robinson, author of JUST CHANGE: HOW TO COLLABORATE FOR LASTING IMPACT, this week during our Seminar Series. In her book, Just Change: [...]

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Evie Phase II: Cooling Optimization

September 27, 2017 Senior Design Team 2017-2018. Left to right: Abdulaziz, Adrienn, Rabin, META, and Osama Evie Phase II: Cooling Optimization Absorption Refrigeration Cycle The team was out at the State Fair Grounds working on Evie today installing sensors to read temperature and humidity, as well as to measure electricity use for the air conditioner. The [...]

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Introducing Tynesia Boyea-Robinson, Hunt Institute Fellow

  Tynesia Boyea-RobinsonPresident and CEO, Reliance MethodsTwitter: @tyboyea It is with pleasure we announce Tynesia Boyea-Robinson as a newly appointed Hunt Institute Fellow. The Hunt Institute Fellows are appointed for their expertise and demonstrated excellence in their fields. During their two-year tenure, they will collaborate on projects and contribute to the endeavors of the [...]

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Biopolymer Compound Fertilizer Research

In 2015, the Hunt Institute awarded Dr. Sevinc Sengor a seed grant to pursue research of a biopolymer compound, produced from Rhizobium tropici sp. In 2016, after Dr. Sengor was able to produce substantial evidence supporting its importance, she was awarded an EPA grant to further this research. Dr. Sengor's fertilizer is being used in Evie on a select [...]

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