Photo of Dr. Eric LarsonDr. Eric Larson is an assistant professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Southern Methodist University. He received his PhD from the University of Washington, Seattle, where he was advised by MacArthur Genius Fellow Dr. Shwetak Patel. Dr. Larson has published a number of works in the areas of mobile health sensing, sustainability, and machine learning. His work in medical health sensing from mobile phones has helped to develop applications for newborn jaundice screening, real-time cognitive load monitoring, and lung function measurement, among others. Dr. Larson’s research in water sensing has garnered significant impact in the sustainability community and is the basis of the new water conservation commercial product. Dr. Larson is a founding associate editor for the journal on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable, and Ubiquitous Technology. He was awarded the 2014 HOPE Professor of the year from SMU, a college wide award recognizing excellence in teaching and mentorship.