Silvia Rivera ’18

Student Analyst

  • Senior, SMU Class of 2018
  • Cox School of Business, General Business
  • Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences, International Studies and Spanish
  • President’s Scholar
  • Cox BBA Scholar
  • McLane Scholar
  • Research on artisan entrepreneurship and inclusive economic development


“My motivation is closely tied to my personal beliefs and life experiences.  Like a perfectly functioning ecosystem, I believe that everyone and everything in this life is (somehow) connected.  Growing up, a string of small opportunities opened up the world for me. The idea of giving back by creating even the smallest opportunity for someone else to improve their life, and thereby the lives of others through those they touch, is what drives me.” – Silvia Rivera

Silvia is a senior at Southern Methodist University working towards her B.B.A in General Business and B.A.s in International Studies and Spanish. She is also an SMU President’s Scholar and Cox BBA Scholar. As a child, she immigrated to the U.S. with her family from Chiapas, Mexico and is passionate about breaking down complex issues and empowering underrepresented individuals. Silvia is particularly excited about her role as a student analyst at the Hunt Institute, and is currently conducting research on artisanal entrepreneurship and empowering female artisans, as well as assisting with the Hunt Institute’s Inclusive Economy Consortium.

When not working at the Hunt Institute, Silvia can be found building professional experience and developing her business acumen through case competitions, leadership workshops and summer internships, most recently serving as an Advisory intern for global professional service firm EY in Dallas, TX and Bogotá, Colombia. In the future, she hopes to continue to build her professional experience as a business consultant, eventually attend graduate school, and continue her search for market-based solutions to social issues she began at the Hunt Institute. Silvia also hopes to continue her lifelong hobbies of traveling and enjoying music, reading and film.

Contributors to this blog post:

Written by: Kim Strelke

Edited by: Silvia Rivera & Maggie Inhofe

Photo by: Alissa Llort