Maggie Inhofe ’18

Student Fellow

  • Masters in Design & Innovation, SMU 2018
    • Student Senate Scholar, 2018
    • Maguire Public Service Fellowship, 2017
  • Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, Yale University, 2015
    • Harvey Geiger Fellowship, 2015
    • William F. Buckley, Jr. Fellowship, 2014
    • Duncan Robinson Scholar of British Art, 2013



 “I came to the Hunt Institute because I believe in design that is beautiful, helpful and accessible.  There are pockets in our world, both here in Dallas and across the globe, that lack design fueled by intentionality and integrity.  My hope is that the work done here can inspire solutions that can be adopted anywhere, by anyone, to make this world as it ought to be.” – Maggie Inhofe

For the past year, Maggie has been studying Design + Innovation at SMU, a new degree that aims to teach human-centered design to students from every discipline. She first fell in love with the field of design through studying the built environment, but now enjoys studying systems and using iterative design processes on all types of projects. She came to the Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity because of their commitment to disrupt patterns of local and global poverty.

Maggie was a part of the Evie team in 2016, and now works on a student housing project in Taos, NM. She was recently awarded the Maguire Public Service Fellowship to study modular building systems for compressed earth block houses. Moving forward, she hopes to work for a company that is seeking to develop creative solutions for the world’s most challenging problems.


Contributors to this blog post:

Written by: Kim Strelke

Edited by: Maggie Inhofe

Photo by: Alissa Llort