Alec Maulding ’19

Alec Maulding ’19

Student Analyst

  • Member of the Evie Project Phase II: Optimization in Growing
  • Aspires to hold a management position in the construction industry
  • Will graduate with Honors in the Liberal Arts with a Bachelor of Science in Math and Mechanical Engineering with a Biomedical specialization
  • Engineering Tech with the Texas Department of Transportation’s Project Management Office
  • Second Century Scholar
  • SMU Discover Scholar



“The Hunt Institute found me under the sun, digging in the dirt.  I was looking for opportunities to learn outside of the classroom, and one of those opportunities presented itself as a project to build a community garden on the outskirts of the SMU campus.  In one afternoon and with a few pair of hands, an empty lot was transformed into a place of growth and community.  I couldn’t have planned a better introduction to the Hunt Institute; although each member may not be an engineer by title, they are all, in a sense, biological engineers, or those who understand and utilize the natural processes by which small seeds, whether they be designed to grow in the soil or the mind, eventually bear an abundance of good fruit.” – Alec Maulding


Alec Maulding was a student analyst in the Hunter and Stephanie Hunt Institute for Engineering & Humanity in the Lyle School of Engineering. He graduated with the SMU class of 2019 with Honors in the Liberal Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Math and Mechanical Engineering.

Alec started his training for a construction management position with the basics; he spent a summer working as a laborer for a local construction company, Myers Concrete Construction, near his hometown of Buda, Texas. The following summer, Alec worked as an Engineering Tech for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) in the Transportation Planning & Programming (TPP) division. Specifically, Alec assisted members of the relatively young Project Management Office. His work focused on the standardization and implementation of best practices by TxDOT’s project managers across the state. In this way, Alec has a foundation on which to build his career in construction.

In Alec’s first semester with the Hunt Institute in the Fall of 2017, he joined the second phase of the Evie project, in which he works to implement solar energy technology to make Evie a net-zero consumer of energy.

Alec was a recipient of SMU’s Second Century Scholar scholarship award, as well as the Lyle School of Engineering’s Discovery Scholarship. He was a member of Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, and The National Society of Collegiate Scholars. He was also a member of the SMU chapter of Engineers without Borders.


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