Evie Phase II: Cooling Optimization

September 27, 2017

Absorption Refrigeration Cycle
The team was out at the State Fair Grounds working on Evie today installing sensors to read temperature and humidity, as well as to measure electricity use for the air conditioner. The team’s objective is to study greenhouse cooling and to design a low-cost cooling system.

The team consists of Abdulaziz Aljaber ’18, Mechanical Engineering Major; Rabin Bastola ’18, Electrical Engineering Major; Osama Alolabi ’18, Mechanical Engineering Major; and team lead Adrienn Santa ’18, Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics Major. The senior design team is being advised by Dr. Ali Beskok, Chair of Mechanical Engineering, and Dr. Eva Csaky, the Director of Hunter and Stephanie Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity in Lyle School of Engineering. In addition to collecting data, the team will prepare an economic model, design and build a prototype to minimize colling costs all with the aspiration to have the prototype ready for Earth Day 2018.

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