Ali Llort ’19

Alissa Llort ’19

Creative Team Lead

  • Advertising major with a focus on Strategic Brand Management
  • Pschology minor
  • SMU Class of ’19
  • Multicultural Academic Award of Excellence
  • Tau Sigma Transfers Honor Award
  • Marketing and Advertising Specialist
  • The Hunt Institute Creative Team Lead



“I love working in The Hunt Institute because I am able to pursue my creative passion to help other people. Coming from El Salvador, I am aware of all the help needed around the world. With the skills and opportunities to give a helping hand, The Hunt Institute has been the perfect fit to serve, learn and grow from these unique experiences, sharing ideas with students from a whole different major and creating a masterpiece as a result. “ -Alissa Llort

Alissa graduated from SMU majoring in Advertising, focusing in the Strategic Brand Management branch, and minoring in Psychology.

Having the creative passion in her fingertips ready to create, explore, and inspire is what drove her to the advertising path.

Alissa has developed various advertising projects for the Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity to help their ongoing social projects. For Evie’s campaign, she was able to enter a film competition at Earth Day Texas 2017 to showcase the mobile greenhouse project. She won First Prize for the Social Engagement Short Film award.

Also, Alissa was a member of the Women Ambassadors Forum, which is a non-profit organization that empowers women with an annual forum held here in SMU. She was the Marketing Director, managing Graphic Design, Social Media, PR and Branding Teams. Throughout the past few years, she has interned in several advertising agencies in El Salvador: Publicidad Comercial, APEX BBDO, and ON Creative Studio.  These experiences have helped her grow as an advertiser, learning from every agency’s different environment and work style.


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