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SMU’s New Community Garden Location

September 15, 2017 Left to Right: Alec, Phil, Corrie, Lillian, Kunthear, Wendy. Picture taken by Dr. Robert Hunt With the planned expansion of SMU’s Child Care & Preschool Center, the existing Community Garden had to be relocated. The new location is at 3005 Fondren Drive, in what is affectionately referred to by the [...]

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Freedom Farm at Martin Luther King, Jr. Center

August 28, 2017 Students are headed back to school, which means the hunt for school supplies has begun.  On Friday, The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center held an event for families in the South Dallas area to get free school supplies for their children.  The event was first come, first served so the line was [...]

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Howdy from Maggie, Project Lead

March 21, 2017 Howdy! Maggie here. I’m one of the (many) brains, hands, and hearts behind this project. We still have yet to name our trailer friend, but I’m hoping that will happen when we see him (her?) all painted up. I’ve been a Fellow at the Hunt Institute since last August, so I have [...]

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Meet the Team!

March 9, 2017 (From Left to Right) Welcome to the Evie Project! We are delighted to share with you our efforts as we complete Phase 1: Retrofit. Our timeline was short, but we had the team to pull it off. Meet the Evie Team: Kunthear is our gardener extraordinaire! She is volunteering to [...]

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