Required Training Modules for Student Workers

Training Requirements for Student Workers

Did you know that student workers (both undergraduate and graduate) are required to complete two training tutorials upon employment and to refresh on these topics at scheduled intervals?

The following tutorials are automatically assigned after student workers begin their first day of employment and their employment information is recorded in my.SMU:

  • Data Security and Privacy (no refresh requirement) per SMU’s Chief Security Officer
  • SMU Program for the Protection of Minors:  Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse; per SMU Policy 7.26 (two year “refresh” requirement)

Student workers are notified via email to their SMU email account that the training has been assigned.  The email contains a link to access the training with SMU’s single sign on  (SSO) feature.  Alternately, students may enter the following into a browser winder and utilize the SSO feature to enter their SMU SSO credentials:
Email reminders are sent every two weeks until the training is completed.

Students should complete these training assignments as soon as possible after beginning employment and  should be paid for the time required to complete the training.

If you supervise student workers, please ensure they are aware of the training requirement and that they have completed the training in a timely manner.

Students with previous work engagements with SMU will not be reassigned training until they has passed the refresh timeline outlined above.  To ensure training is complete ask your student to log into the training platform and print a certificate of completion to verify they have completed the training.  Refresh assignments are automatically made by the system and your student worker should complete these as soon as possible and provide you with the certificate of completion for your records.

Questions may be directed to

Additional training requirements:

In addition to the above training, student workers may be required to complete additional training assigned by the Office of Enrollment Management, the Office of Risk Management, the IT Security Team,  The Office of Diversity and Inclusion and others as they come available.

Requests for FERPA training for students who will require access to student records for their work responsibilities should be forwarded to the OIT Help Desk at Please include the student’s name and SMU ID#.   A Help Desk representative will make the training assignment, monitor completion and grant access to student records upon completion of the training.  The refresh schedule for FERPA is every three years.

Please ask your student worker to log into and use single sign on feature to access their dashboard and complete their training.  You may request that they provide a certificate of completion for each training assigned to ensure they have completed their requirements.

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