Holiday Caregiving Tips from Cariloop, an SMU Benefit Vendor

How to ensure your loved one’s well-being this holiday season

During this National Family Caregivers Month, we at Cariloop are particularly mindful of the upcoming holiday season. The holidays are an important time for many caregivers as you visit loved ones and realize Dad looks much weaker than the last time you saw him or Grandma’s house isn’t quite as tidy as she has always kept it for family gatherings.



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In light of COVID, maintaining our loved ones’ safety and well-being during the holidays will be even more crucial. That’s why our Care Coaches are already discussing safety plans for family gatherings during the holidays with many of our members.

When it comes to ensuring your loved one’s well-being this holiday season, the questions listed below are important elements to consider while visiting. Especially during COVID, these tips will be crucial to ensure your loved one’s well-being is in check during these uncertain times.

While the holidays are meant to be a time of celebration, we also know bringing family together can sometimes mean bringing up conversations everyone has been avoiding. If you need to have a difficult conversation this holiday season with a loved one about their care situation, our Care Coaches have a few words of advice for you:

  • Be a compassionate listener – It can be easy to immediately begin trying to solve a problem without considering how difficult it is for your loved one to accept her evolving care needs.
  • Shift your loved one’s perspective – Instead of telling a loved one he needs to make changes for his own good, share with him how much the changes you’re proposing will help you feel more confident and less anxious about his well-being.
  • It’s okay if things get emotional – Caregiving is an emotional topic, so don’t get discouraged if your loved one gets angry or doesn’t listen to what you’re saying. It may take several conversations to really get your point through to your loved one.

Want to discuss a safety plan or looking for more advice about how to handle difficult family discussions during the holidays? Our Care Coaches are here to support you with these challenges. Connect with your very own Care Coach today at

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