SMU Training Requirements via LawRoom and Training “Refresh” Schedule

LawRoom training system

trainingIn June 2014, SMU entered into an agreement with outside vendor, LawRoom, to provide certain web-based training required by SMU policy, state/federal law, or other regulations. Some training assignments are required of all employees and others may be based on the employee’s role with the University.  HR, OIT and Risk Management utilize the content within the LawRoom system to manage training requirements.

Refresh timelines are determined by SMU policy, state or federal law, best practices, or when new information is introduced requiring an update in knowledge.

Training notifications

Upon initial assignment and for refresher training, an email from Southern Methodist University ( will be sent to your SMU email account announcing the training is available.  Re-assignment for refresh training automatically occurs on the anniversary of the original assignment date, not the date of prior completion.  Once a training course is assigned and you are initially notified via email, regular e-minders will be sent until the training is completed.  You should click on the link at the bottom of the email to access the training via SMU’s SINGLE SIGN-ON feature, where you will enter your SMU credentials.

Benefits-eligible employees and temporary (adjunct) faculty

Training required for this employee population includes the following tutorials.  After each course name, the “refresh” time frame is listed.

Course Name Refresh Schedule
Checkpoint Data Security and Privacy Annually
Eliminate Campus Sexual Violence Three years
Harassment and Discrimination  (manager or employee version assigned based on employee status, with/without direct reports) Three years
If an employee is promoted to a manager role, s/he must complete the manager version regardless of the last completion date of the employee version.
Program for the Protection of Minors:
Recognize and Report Child Abuse
Two years

Temporary employees hired by SMU

Temporary employees hired by SMU will be assigned the following tutorials.   Notification will be sent to the employee’s SMU email account for initial assignment and any refresh requirements.

Course Name Refresh Schedule
Checkpoint Data Security and Privacy Annually
Program for the Protection of Minors:
Recognize and Report Child Abuse
Two years

Temporary employees hired via SMU’s staffing partner, Kelly Services

Temporary employees, hired via Kelly Services, may be assigned any of the above training tutorials based on their work duties. Notification of training assignment will be sent to the employee’s SMU email account, if created, or to the employee provided email address when no SMU email account is assigned.  Kelly employees should contact their on-site representative for questions regarding training requirements.

All employee groups – additional training assignments based on work duties

All employees, (regular and temporary, hired via SMU or Kelly Services) may be assigned any of the following work specific Lawroom tutorials based on their work duties with the university.

FERPA Three years
Clery Act Annually
Bloodborne Pathogens If new information is introduced
Hazard Communications If new hazards are introduced

Employee training not administered via LawRoom

Other job specific training may be requested outside of the Lawroom learning management system.  The employee will be notified directly by the requesting group and notified again when refresh training is required.  Examples include Engaged Driving and Golf Cart Driving which are conducted by Risk Management.

Questions about LawRoom training requirements and refreshers should be directed to HR at


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