Know What to Do Before Hiring Student Workers or Temporary Staff for the New Academic Year

teamStudent workers and temporary staff play important roles on campus in many departments. In exchange for their service, hiring managers have a responsibility to ensure their workers are set-up to be paid in a timely manner and are compliant with required new hire paperwork  Delays in fulfilling this duty can cause missed paychecks and other serious ramifications for both the employee and SMU.

Student Worker or Temporary Staff

NOTE:  All summer student worker PAFs expire on August 19, 2016. If your summer student worker will continue to work past August 19th, it is important to review his or her classification and to submit a new PAF with an effective date of August 20th.

Read about the new ePAF process for student workers and temporary staff!

Your student worker’s employment status is based on his/her student status at SMU for the current academic semester.

If (s)he is enrolled in at least one credit-hour at SMU for Fall 2016, (s)he is considered a student worker until December 31st, the end of the academic semester. This applies to undergraduate and graduate students.

If (s)he  is not enrolled in at least one credit-hour at SMU for Fall 2016, (s)he is considered a temporary staff member until December 31st. Students who graduated prior to the current academic semester and non-SMU students are also considered temporary staff members.

Your worker’s classification – as a student worker or temporary staff member – should be evaluated each semester. Your worker’s classification determine will impact:

  • Which Payroll Authorization Form (PAF) to use
  • What additional paperwork is required (employment hiring packet) from worker
  • Whether or not you will need to request to hire temporary staff (Requires VP or Dean approval)

Hiring a Student Worker?

  • student workerSubmit a Student Worker ePAF: All student workers will need a new student worker ePAF regardless if (s)he worked this summer or worked last academic year. Student workers who start working before August 20th may need to be hired as temporary staff if not enrolled in classes for the summer.
  • Verify completion of Student Worker hiring packet: Provide the student worker hiring packet to the student immediately. Don’t assume that their paperwork is on file with HR. Instruct them to return the Student Worker Checklist after visiting HR as confirmation of completion.

NOTE:  International student workers must follow the procedures provided by the ISSS office for hiring international student workers.

For additional information about student employment opportunities, visit the Student Employment Office.

Hiring Temporary Staff?

temp workerIf you have determined your employee is temporary staff, not a student worker, you must obtain approval to hire prior to their start date or approval to continue to work past August 19, 2016.

Most approved temporary staff will be hired via Kelly@SMU. This includes recent graduates, interns or fellows, and other non-student worker staff.

To get started or for questions on hiring temporary staff, please contact Leigh Wilson or call 214-768-3166.

General questions may be directed to or  SMU HR at 8-3311.

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