SMU Program for the Protection of Minors – Annual Training for Camp Operators and Program Coordinators

Annual Training for
SMU Camp Operators and Program Coordinators

Monday April 6, 2105
HTSC-Forum Room

SMU seeks to provide a healthy environment for all who visit SMU and/or interact with employees.  As part of this goal, all employees are asked to complete a training program on protecting minors from abuse.  In addition, SMU employees who host camps or coordinate camps on behalf of others are strongly urged to attend an annual training covering the following topics:

  • UntitledSMU’s policy on the Protection of Minors and your responsibility for record-keeping
  • Best practices to ensure a healthy camp atmosphere and how/to whom to report abuse, should you see or hear about it
  • The State of Texas’ requirement for all camp employees to be trained by an approved training vendor

This training is facilitated by the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center (DCAC) in partnership with the Office of Risk Management and SMU Human Resources and your attendance will be included in your individual training summary on my.SMU.

Request enrollment in this annual training via my.SMU.  Navigate to Self Service>Learning and Development>Request Training Enrollment. Search by course code and enter HRPPMB.

Required State Mandated Training for Camp Operators, Camp Employees/Volunteers, and SMU Program Coordinators:  Ensure your training is up to date!

The State of Texas requires that all camp employees and volunteers complete a training program on recognizing abuse and the responsibility to report abuse when it occurs.  This training must have been completed within the two years prior to the start of the camp.  SMU Camp Operators and Program Coordinators should ensure their latest  training completion falls within this time frame.

mySMUTo do this, check your training summary in my.SMU by navigating to Self Service>Learning and Development>Request Training Summary.

The most recent completion date will be in this report.  If your last completion falls outside of two years prior to the start of the upcoming camp, you must retrain.   Log into, select the course by its’ name (SMU Program for the Protection of Minors) and advance through the training until you receive a message indicating the course is complete.  We suggest that you read the course overview before beginning the modules of training in order to learn more about the course setup and Blackboard navigation.

Once completed, allow 24-48 hours for completion results to upload to my.SMU and access your training summary again to verify completion.  If your completion is not showing in my.SMU, check Blackboard to ensure you have gone all the way through the training.

Don’t see the course listed in SMU Blackboard?  Read the directions to request enrollment in the course.

State Mandated Training for Non-SMU Employees

To support our goal of a healthy environment, SMU will once again provide the state mandated training for non-SMU employees via an organizational license with the DCAC online training program.   Camp Operators and Program Coordinators may work with SMU HR to ensure that all non-SMU employees and any volunteers may complete the training at no cost.  Email or call 214-768-3311 for more information.

Learn more on the Program for Protection of Minors webpage.

HR-Icons-QuestionsEmail Risk Management for questions regarding your role as a Camp Operator and Program Coordinator at

HR-Icons-QuestionsEmail HR for questions regarding the state mandated training and access to Blackboard at

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