New Procedure for Hiring Temporary Staff Employees Effective June 1st

Do you have plans to hire a temporary staff employee? Effective June 1, the process for hiring temporary staff employees has changed, in line with the memo sent to Vice Presidents and Deans from Dr. Turner on May 14, 2014. To facilitate this new process, the Department of Human Resources has created new guidelines for hiring staff temporaries and updated the website with further information. Following is a summary of the changes:

  • The temporary assignment should not exceed 3 months.  In no case should a temporary assignment exceed 12 consecutive months.
  • All temporary staff employees must be paid on an hourly basis and must submit a completed time record for each bi-weekly period in which they work.
  • The Payroll Authorization Form (PAF) for the Temporary Staff Employee must be submitted to Human Resources instead of Payroll.  Payroll will begin forwarding temporary PAFs received after June 1 to Human Resources. The start and end dates listed on the PAF must match the start and end dates of the temporary assignment.
  • Prior to the temporary employee’s first day of work, satisfactory completion of a pre-employment (background) check is required.
  • HR Recruitment will complete the background check, send authorization to hire the temporary, collect the W-4 and Direct Deposit from the temporary employee, and then forward the PAF, W-4, and Direct Deposit to Payroll for processing.


  • If you have a temporary employee currently in place, the new process will not apply until the assignment and PAF are up for renewal.
  • SMU student workers and continuing SMU students who are working over the summer but not enrolled in classes are not required to follow the new temporary employment guidelines. Similarly, graduates of SMU who are hired only for the summer months do not need to go through the new process either – the Request to Hire form does not need to be completed.  For further information, see Hiring Student Workers and Summer Student Employment.

The Department of Human Resources is committed to making the new process for hiring temporary staff employees as smooth as possible and will expedite your requests when we receive them.  Please let us know if you have questions or feedback during the process.

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