Wellpower: What’s Next?

AmazingchallengePosterheadersmallWellpower’s Fall Reward Period Ends January 31

Wellpower will wrap up it’s Fall Reward Period at the end of the month. Current participants should make sure they have all their January activities logged by January 25, 2014. The Wellpower Team will begin tallying up badges and sending out award emails in February.

Wellpower Begins Spring Reward Period February 1

Take the Amazing Challenge this spring and enjoy improving your overall health as we traverse the nation on our wellness journey! Each month we will visit an exciting new location and participants will be asked to try different activities to support their health in the areas of fitness, nutrition, and stress reduction. Join us for wellness seminars, live or online, throughout the spring to learn more about these 3 areas as well.

The Spring Reward Period will run for 5 months – from February through June, 2014. To be eligible to receive an award, participants must complete a biometric screening and then earn 2 or 3 additional badges to be awarded the Silver or Gold level. Participants who completed a screening in the fall of 2013 meet the screening requirement for the Spring Reward Period. To learn more, use the appropriate links below:

Note: Current participants who registered in the fall of 2013 do not need to register for the Spring Reward Period. Only new participants will need to complete the registration process.

Choice_Apple_doughnutWeigh-In/Weigh-Out Challenge

Participants interested in maintaining their weight or working toward a healthy weight may choose to take the Weigh-In/Weigh-Out Challenge. Participants must Weigh-In at the beginning of the reward period and then Weigh-Out near the end of the reward period. Those who successfully maintain their weight (within a +/- 2 pound range) or who make progress toward a healthy weight will earn a badge for this challenge. Click the link below for information about the challenge along with Weigh-In opportunities on campus.

Weigh-In/Weigh-Out Challenge Details


Wellpower Orientation

Wellpower will offer an orientation webinar on Monday, January 27 from 12-1pm.  Click the link below to sign up or to watch our pre-recorded orientation videos.

Wellpower Orientation

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