Magellan’s EAP Program Communications Update on the West, TX Explosion

West, TX Explosion

Recovering from a disaster can be physically and mentally draining. When a fire or explosion occurs such as the one in West, TX, lives are suddenly turned around. One of the hardest things about a community tragedy is knowing where to begin and who to contact.

Securing yourself and the site

Contact your local disaster relief services such as the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army to help with immediate needs.

For information on family and loved ones in West, TX, there is an emergency hotline set up: 254-202-1100.

Local Resources:

American Red Cross of Central Texas

Salvation Army in Texas

Federal Emergency Management Assistance (FEMA):

Local Shelters available:

•     Central United Methodist Church
•     Texas State Technical State College in Waco
•     Blair’s Cove Apartment in Waco
•     Gholson ISD
•     Gholson Baptist Church
•     Latham Springs Inn
•     Aquilla ISD
•     Alliance Auto Auction on I-35
•     Sykora Family Ford in West
•     Abbot Community Center
•     La Vega Veterinary Clinic- taking in small animals for the night
•     Pharmacy at H-E-B store on Woodway is open
•     The Home Depot in Bellmead has reopened for anyone needing to buy supplies.
•     Organizations taking donations or items (clothing, blankets, etc.) for victims:

o  Scott and White Blood and Donation Center- taking blood donations overnight
o  Point West Bank – drop off or send to 200 West Oak Street, West 76691

What to do if you have been evacuated

•     Be sure to contact your family and friends to inform them of where you are.
•     Bring cell phone chargers, batteries, personal belongings and other items that you may need if you are out of your home for more than a few days.

If your home is damaged

Be sure not to throw any damaged goods away until after an inventory is made. All damage is taken into consideration in developing an insurance claim.

Resources Are Available

Additional information, self-help tools and other resources are available online at Or call us for more information, help and support. Counselors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide confidential assistance at no cost to you.

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