Spring Forward Fitness Challenge Runs February 4 – March 15

Put some spring in your step and some step in your spring! Join the Spring Forward Fitness challenge and get your spring started on the “right” foot. You can walk, bike, swim, dance, run, lift weights, take exercise classes…the possibilities are endless. Go solo or round up a few of your colleagues and create a team so you can support one another and yes, even exercise together!


You must register by February 25 to participate in this challenge.

To earn the credit for this challenge you must:

    • Log an average of at least 90 minutes of exercise activity weekly with a total of 540 minutes or more at the end of six weeks.When you complete your activity minutes is flexible. For example, you could perform all 90 minutes in one session, or you can break it up into three 30 minute sessions throughout the week…whatever works for you. If you miss one week, you can make it up during another week! In the end, you will need a total of at least 540 minutes of exercise over the course of 6 weeks. Log your activity weekly or daily.
    • Log completion of at least 1 on-campus wellness seminar or an approved online exercise video.The online videos are very short exercise demonstrations, so we encourage you to watch several so you can find exercises that meet your needs.

Note: You can go back and log past days during the challenge by changing the calendar function near the top of the MyProgress page. The challenge ends March 15, so please enter all your activity by March 19 as the tracking function will close that evening.

Visit the challenge webpage using the link below to get additional instructions on how to register for the challenge, a list of on-campus wellness seminars, a downloadable activity tracking sheet, and more.

Spring Forward Fitness Challenge Details

Quick Registration Instructions:

  • Go to wellpower.smu.edu
  • Click “JOIN TODAY”
  • Enter “Wellpower” as the corporate ID
  • If you’ve completed a challenge before, click the “Returning User” button update your information
  • If you are new, complete the Team Captain information (you can be a team of 1)
  • Once you complete the profile information, you land on myDashboard
  • Go to the myProgress tab to enter your activity

Completion of this challenge is worth 1 credit in the Spring Reward Period for Wellpower.

Questions? Email wellpower@smu.edu




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