Stress Recess Challenge Runs October 29 – December 7, 2012

Meditating in the officeStress is inevitable –  we can’t ever live a truly “stress-free” life and in fact, some stress is good for us! It helps keeps us moving and motivated. However, most of us encounter stress that is harmful to our health on a regular basis and the key is to learn useful ways of avoiding, managing, and reducing the harmful stress in our lives. Join Wellpower in this new challenge that offers onsite seminars, videos, and weekly newsletters designed to help you manage and improve your overall level of stress as well as improve your health!

Complete this challenge to earn 1 credit in the Wellpower program.

Challenge Instructions:

1. Rate your stress level every week.

2. Complete a pre-program self-assessment during the first three weeks of the challenge and post-program self-assessment during the last week of the challenge.

3. Complete and log at least one seminar aimed at reducing stress and increasing wellbeing. Choose from: one of four on-campus stress reduction seminars, an approved online stress reduction video, or the Flourish: Wellbeing at Work workshop.

 4. Practice stress reduction techniques daily and log your practice every week.

Stress Recess Challenge Details

Want to see how it works? Watch our short Stress Recess Challenge Instructions Video.

Note: No one at SMU has access to your individual health information. The self-assessment information is released only to our Baylor Health Coach, Paige Shouse. Upon your request, she can work with you directly on your wellness goals anytime during the Wellpower program. Email to request support from Paige.

Sign Up For the Challenge Now!
Currently enrolled Wellpower participants:

  • Log out of Wellpower completely
  • Open a new browser window
  • Go to
  • Enter “Wellpower” in the “Start a Team” area
  • Click Submit
  • In the “Returning User Box” Click the “Click here to login” button and update your Team Captain profile (Add any new team members etc…)
  • Click submit

You can watch our short Stress Recess Challenge Instructions video to see how to logon and log your activity during the challenge.

New to Wellpower?
It’s not too late to participate in this reward period and be eligible to earn a reward.

To get started, we suggest you watch these short online tutorials found on the Wellpower Information Videos webpage.

  • Wellpower Overview
  • How to Logon To Wellpower
  • Stress Recess Challenge Instructions
    When you logon for the first time, you will be enrolled in the Stress Recess challenge.

To be eligible for rewards, you’ll need to complete a health screening and our Health Risk Questionnaire. If you haven’t completed these steps we have two options for you. Click the link below for details!

Alternatives to the On-Campus Screening

Questions? Email us at

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