Join the Wellvolution! Wellpower Launches New Program August 27

Wellpower is on a mission to Wellvolutionize our campus by creating a culture of health and wellness at SMU! On August 27, 2012, Wellpower will launch the newly redesigned program focusing on exercise and fitness, nutrition, stress reduction, and healthy weight attaintment or maintenance. Wellpower is available to all benefits-eligible staff and faculty at SMU.

What’s New?
Wellpower has partnered with Baylor Health Care System to bring our members:

  • Two reward periods so that participants can earn rewards more quickly.
  • A Baylor Health Coach available for confidential wellness coaching.
  • A new, simplified activity and credits tracking system.
  • More wellness seminars and events throughout the year.

Program Requirements
Participants may earn a reward by doing the following three things:

  1. Providing biometric screening data by either completing an on-campus health screening or faxing their lab results from a current full physical to Baylor Health Care System;
  2. Completing an online Health Risk Questionnaire (HRQ); and
  3. Earning 3 additional Wellpower credits during the reward period.

Participants who complete the biometric screening data and HRQ in the fall reward period will also meet the screening/HRQ requirement for the spring reward period.

Each of these challenges are worth 1 Wellpower credit:

  1. Minutes to Win It Exercise Challenge
  2. Menu For Success Nutrition Challenge
  3. Stress Recess Challenge
  4. Weigh-In/Weigh-Out Challenge
  5. Personal Challenge

The first three challenges run 6 weeks each, and participants can complete the challenges as a member of a team or as an individual. Each scheduled challenge will feature opportunities for participants to assess their knowledge or habits, learn about new healthy behaviors, and practice those behaviors over the course of 6 weeks. Members will track their progress using the new website powered by Live Healthy North Texas and Baylor Health Care System.

The Weigh-In/Weigh-Out Challenge requires participants to submit their beginning weight to our screening partners, Baylor Health Care System, early in the reward period. Participants may either work toward achieving a healthy weight or maintain their already healthy weight, and submit their weight again at the end of the reward perod. Details about this process will be available on the website beginning August 27.

One personal challenge per reward period may be completed for credit. To support participants in planning successful challenges, our new health coach from Baylor Health Care System will approve all personal challenges before the challenge can begin.

Participants who complete the reward period requirements may choose from one of the following rewards per wellness reward period:

  • 1 vacation day
  • 2 months free parking
  • 5 RFoC meal-tickets (Umphrey Lee dining center)
  • 6-month Dedman Center membership
  • 30-minute chair massage at Dedman Center
  • $40 gift card through
  • Discount on CAPE class (up to $49 value)

Orientation Sessions
Wellpower will offer several orientation sessions during the lunch hour to help members learn how to get the most out of the new program.

Sign up for Wellpower Orientation

For more information online, check out the Wellpower Program Overview with links to details on challenges, wellness seminars and more.

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