Upcoming Tuition Benefits Deadlines

Are you or a family member a tuition benefits recipient?  If so, the upcoming deadlines are very important for processing future tuition benefits requests.

Request Deadline                    Terms

March 26, 2012                         May Term 2012 (Counseling/Dispute Resolution Program)

April 30, 2012                           Summer Term 2012

June 25, 2012                           Academic Year  2012-2013 (Fall 2012 – Summer 2013)

These dates have been set to help enable the processing of tuition benefits requests before the Bursar’s payment deadlines. You can view your requests for May or Summer terms at Access.SMU > Self-Service > Benefits > Tuition Benefits Requests > Review Summary.

Reminder:  The academic year 2012-2013 is comprised of the following terms: Fall 2012, Jan Term 2013, Spring 2013, May Term 2013, and Summer Term 2013.

If you have any changes to a prior request, send your change of hours to tuitionbenefits@smu.edu and include your SMU ID number in the subject line.

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