Work Life Balance Is Within Reach

Balance is harder than ever to achieve these days. In trying to stay on top of everything in both your work and personal life, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The stress of doing it all can affect your health and lead to unhealthy habits. People seem to struggle with more stress now, as technology has intruded on family time and communication.

Remember that getting balance in your life is not out of your reach. It may help to stop and look closely at everything in your daily life. Identify the activities that are causing you the most stress. Also identify the things that might be missing in your life. Then, step by step, you can begin to rearrange your life in small ways to restore some balance.

Learn how to make small changes that can help you manage your health, your work and your family life better. Ask for help. Seek advice from a mental health provider or your SMU Magellan Employee Assistance Program (EAP). These professionals can help you find solutions to work-life challenges. Log into to access helpful resources including balance tips, quizzes, exercises and articles.

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