Wellpower Supports Heart Healthy Activities

Did you know that February is Heart Health month?

Wellpower is offering numerous activities that support your heart health throughout the spring.  So come alone or grab a friend – either way you may join others from the campus community in support of heart health!

Heart Healthy Wellpower Events:

February 24    SMU Go Red for Heart Health Day
Be sure to wear RED this Friday and join us for a noontime Wellpower Walk around campus!

March 30         SMU Start Walking Day
This is the first Friday of our “One Step at a Time” walking challenge and a great way for teams to get out and walk together! Walking is a great form of exercise, so celebrate this day with us by wearing your tennis shoes and taking a stroll around campus with us at noon. Don’t forget to wear your pedometer if you’re doing the challenge!

April 20          Step Challenge Round Up Day
Join us for the last Friday of our walking challenge. Grab your team mates and get in a few extra steps before the challenge ends by joining us for this lunchtime walk. Don’t forget to wear your pedometer if you’re doing the challenge! We’d like to see as many teams out for this walk as possible! We will also snap a quick picture on this date, so try to be a few minutes early so you can sign the photo release. Encourage your team to wear the same t-shirt if you can!

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You will earn 1 Wellpower Body credit by attending each of these walks in addition to the 10 credits you can earn by completing the One Step at a Time Challenge.

Wellpower Challenges:

What is a challenge? A challenge is a designated period of time when you focus attention on building a particular healthy habit. The activities required are completed on your own time and you don’t have to attend a scheduled activity to earn points.

The HeartSmart Challenge is currently in progress! Check it out and discover ways you can start improving your heart health now. Participants who complete the challenge earn 10 Wellpower body credits

The One Step at a Time Walking Challenge runs March 26 – April 23. Create a team of 4 or participate as an individual. Teams will work together to exceed the step goal established by our celebrity academic leadership team starring Provost Paul Ludden, Deans Gillian McCombs, David Chard, and Bill Tsutsui! Earn 10 Wellpower body credits by completing this challenge.

Look for additional challenge activities and information in early March.

Questions? Email wellpower@smu.edu

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