Self Defense – Minimize Your Chances of Becoming a Victim!

Learn how at the Women’s Self-Defense and Awareness Sessions offered at Dedman Center starting Tuesday February 21!  

This class will teach you techniques to escape from a number of holds, grabs, and chokes. Participants will also explore the assailant as a predator and the victim as prey; help women manage a variety of “friendly” but unwanted advances; and review how personality type may predispose a person to becoming a victim.

Where: Dedman Center – Mat Room
When:   Tuesdays (Starting February 21) 
Time:     5:30-6:30 PM

How to Enroll? Drop-in class – no enrollment necessary. Participants are encouraged to attend as many sessions as needed until they are comfortable with the techniques and feel adept in utilizing them.

Taught by:  Lt. Enrique Jemmott (Rico) SMU Police Department  

During these sessions participants will learn:

  • Escape Techniques: Train to escape from holds, chokes and grabs.
  • Sexual Assault Defense: Achieve a striking system that allows quick escape.
  • Distraction Techniques: Learn diversions that work to your advantage.
  • Awareness Tactics: Realize how to spot potential danger and avoid it.
  • Mental Preparation: Discover the right mental attitude to defend yourself.  

This class is empowering and will give women the knowledge and awareness they need to minimize their chances of becoming victims.

Special classes for groups may be arranged through Rico, so if you have a group that wants to meet at a different time, please email him with your request! 

Questions? Email Rico at

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