It’s Time to Schedule Routine Check-ups for 2012!

With the holidays and New Year right around the corner, please take a few minutes to schedule appointments for routine medical, dental and vision exams for early next year!

Medical: If you are enrolled in the Medical Plan for 2012, all of the Medical options cover 100% of the cost of annual in-network routine physicals, age-recommended screenings (including breast, prostate and colon screenings), and immunizations for you and your enrolled dependents. These services are not subject to your annual deductible or to the office visit copay. Please refer to SMU Preventive Care Guidelines for detailed information.

Dental: If you are enrolled in the Dental Plan for 2012, you and your enrolled family members are eligible for diagnostic and preventive care services at minimal or no cost to you. Please refer to the 2012 Dental Benefits Highlights for more detailed information.

Vision: If you are enrolled in the Vision Plan for 2012, you and your enrolled dependent are eligible to a complete vision exam each calendar year, with a @10 copay. Please refer to the Vision Benefits Summary for more details.

These annual exams are SO important! Please a few minutes before the busy holiday season to schedule your appointments for early 2012!


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