Achieving the Elusive Work-Life Balance

It’s not always easy to prevent your personal life from affecting your productivity at work.  Although you may think you have everything under control, difficulties at home or at work can cause behavioral changes that can be detrimental to your relationships with family and co-workers.

Are you using work as an escape?


Managing increasing work-loads and trying to earn that big promotion can lead to long hours spent at the office.  If you find yourself spending most of your time working, your relationships at home will be affected.  Consider the consequences of a poor work-life balance:


  • Fatigue.  Lack of rest affects your ability to work productively, which can harm your professional reputation. 
  • Lost time with friends and loved ones.  You may begin to miss out on important family events and milestones. 
  • Increased expectations.  Regularly working long hours can lead to greater responsibilities at work.  While not always a bad thing, it can lead to bigger concerns and challenges. 

For more advice on customizing a balance to suit your needs and getting your life back on track, visit the Magellan website.

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