March to the Beat of Your Own Drum: Maintaining the Work-Life Harmony

Magellan offers great advice for keeping the balance at work and at home in check. 
Tips to maintain control:

  • Keep track of your time.  For one week, closely follow your daily activities both at work and at home.  Determine what is necessary and what satisfies you the most.  Discontinue the activities that you don’t enjoy or can’t handle.  Be sure to share your concerns with your supervisor. 
  • Take advantage of your options.  Look into telecommuting, flex hours, or job sharing.  Taking control of your hours will lead to reduced stress. 
  • Learn to say no.  When you decide to stop doing things that you choose to do
    only out of guilt, you will begin to make more room in your life for those activities that are meaningful to you and make you happy. 
  • Leave work at work. Smartphones, texting, and instant communication are great technological tools, but also make it too easy to bring your work home.  Create a distinct boundary between work and home by turning off your cell phone and putting away your laptop when you’re with your family and friends. 

In addition to the tips above, additional information is available on the Magellan website. You will need to login to the Magellan website with your personal username and password or create one to view the page. SMU’s Magellan phone number is 877-704-5696, which is the number you will need to create a login.

Once you are logged in, come back and click the link again to go directly to the article.

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